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Configuration Management
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Primer on the basics - focus on concepts
...this book does an excellent job of explaining configuration management in the large, and drilling into details associated with each element. The author provides a well written overview, including the benefits of configuration management (and the pitfalls of not employing it)...If you are new to configuration management this book is probably one of the best starting points with which to gain a full understanding of what it is, what it entails, and why it is important.... (read more of this Amazon.com review)

Mike Tarrani (Professional Reviewer)
Deltona, FL United States

Where Is Our Success? Over 60% of projects/programs have failed or
been canceled in 2003!
(ref: The Standish Report CHAOS). Our Goal for 2004-2005 is to contribute to a 60% plus, project/program success rate!

Understand Configuration Management and avoid another failed or canceled program/project, manage and control requirements (and design), and changes; in essence, support building in quality!!

*Configuration Management Definition:

A project to develop and publish a Configuration Management (CM)
Practice Standard for 2004.

"Configuration Management (CM) addresses the composition of a project, documentation defining the project, and other data that supports the project. CM is a baseline and requirements management process that provides managed control to all phases of a project life cycle. CM is a management discipline that applies technical and administrative direction to the development, production, and life cycle support of a project. In achieving this, CM is a management process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a project's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, development, and operational information
throughout its life..."

-cited from PMI website (http://www.pmi.org)


Purchase Software/Firmware Configuration Management and take control of your project/program success!! (Order Now..)

Projects/Programs fail due to:

  1. Inadequate management (leadership)
  2. Inadequate or incomplete scope (solution process/approach)
  3. Inadequate, incomplete, or the absence of, requirements
  4. No formal change/configuration control process
  5. Inadequate or no quality assurance process (not just testing)…

This guide provides the information and understanding to put you ahead of the game (business). Understand (CM) and apply it successfully.

This manual supplies a practical tool/reference for the ALL industries, LARGE AND SMALL COMPANIES (even has a section for small businesses), NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. This resource defines the origin of the best practice process and how its translations throughout several industries were inaccurate.

The information obtained will allow you to better understand and apply an Effective Configuration Management System, prevent failed or canceled projects/programs, and establish a best practice process (that can be truly improved with tools/applications, techniques, and methodologies). This understanding will result in:

  1. Project success
  2. Customer/user(s) satisfaction
  3. Growth, increased revenue and profits

Understand the problem (failures/cancellations), and the Solution ( Software/Firmware Configuration Management)! It's about Product/System Management Control and Quality.

This manual should be used within government, aerospace, commercial, and other industries by managers, engineers, developers, programmers/coders, analysts, database administrators, and configuration management and quality assurance specialists supporting or involved with the following programs/projects:

  • System development (information, communications, telecommunications, computer/networks, automotive)
  • Software/firmware/application development
  • Database development
  • E-business and web development

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A "MUST READ" for anyone in the:

  • Information Technology (IT) Industry
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • DOD
  • The Academia
  • Professionals Managing or Developing IT and Business Related Initiatives

...also a complete reference for individuals familiar with Rational's RUP, Microsoft's MSF, etc., and software control (CM) tools/applications.


A Practical Guide to Understand and Apply
Software/Firmware Configuration Management

(Within the System Development Process)

Eddie R. Williams

ISBN 0-9715401-0-1

Guaranteed that you WILL be able to better gain control of your projects/programs once reading and applying this guide!

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The author, Eddie R. Williams, has over 20 years of experience on government contracts and commercial projects, which included successfully implementing and managing software and firmware configuration management systems and projects...
(read more about the author)

Additional Industry Testimonials...

"…a document with major success implications for IT project management and quality management in other fields as well. It deals with an issue that is the key to success of any project..(read more)"

Robinson I. Akiri,
Project Management Professional (PMP)

"You have provided the software development and project management communities with an excellent guide for improving project success by using Configuration Management. Your book discusses the processes needed to effectively implement Configuration Management in an organization. …(read more)"

Dave Nesbit, PMP
President Advanced Project Management Associates, Inc.

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