Project/Program management affects and impacts every company/business, on a national and international (global) level. Now even more projects and programs continue to be executed throughout different industries and still a significant number of projects are failing. Although there has been an increase in the success rate, it is not enough based on the amount of money invested in projects and programs. Over 60% of Information Technology/Business projects and programs have failed and more than $50 billion dollars has been wasted in 2004 alone (The Standish Group 2004). These statistics are quite distrubing! The underlying reasons behind project and program failure are: 1. Inadequate management (leadership) 2. Inadequate or incomplete scope (solution process/approach) 3. Inadequate, incomplete, or the absence of, requirements 4. No formal change/configuration control process 5. Inadequate or no quality assurance process (not just testing) 6. Project managers not understanding, or having experience, as a program manager 7. The absent of immediate knowledge transfer (Most important Reason) Just by the overwhelming failure rate, it's fair to say that the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practices and lessons learned on a large-scale has not taken within industries! The mission of the RayAnn Enterprise Publishers is to educate, inform, and empower project/program professionals and businesses to: Support Development Promote successful projects and programs throughout all industries Cut costs and keep projects on budget It is critical that information is transferred/shared on a wide scale and not just within privileged groups or organizations!! The author of this report, Eddie R. Williams, has over 20 years of experience on government contracts and commercial projects, which included successfully implementing and managing software and firmware configuration management systems and projects. During Mr. Williams' career, he has served on Corporate Planning and Software Development committees. In 1983, he was a member of the Electronics Industry Association (EIA). Mr. Williams has held positions such as Systems Analyst, Software Product Assurance Engineer/Manager, Configuration Management (software/firmware) Manager, Division Administrator/Manager, and Program/Project Manager. He was a technical and management consultant implementing and managing Total Quality Management (TQM) systems and providing project management for information and computer system development and installation. Currently, he is a management and IT consultant (Program/Engagement Manager) for a major firm. He is an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Eddie is also profiled in the 2003, 57th edition of Marquis Who's Who In America. Additional RayAnn Enterprise Publishers Contributions and Publications include: Software/Firmware Configuration Management IT Network Lounge It/Business Forums It Professional Facilitator (Quarterly Interactive Electronic Newsletter Online Project/Program Management Courses (Coming Soon!)